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What is Lunk Alarm? How it works at Planet Fitness

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What exactly is the Lunk Alarm? A nationwide fitness franchise employs the lunk alarm, a loud siren, to deter undesirable activity. Do you mutter while you raise or lower the weights? You may set the alarm off.

It is how Plant Fitness emphasizes to their ordinary Joe target that bodybuilding types are not permitted. Or just the annoying individual who yells, drops large weights, and engages in other acts that grab a lot of attention.

These are the people who, according to their primary demographic studies, shun the gym for a variety of reasons. It is an insult to those who work hard and expect results. Planet Fitness, on the other hand, does not cater to or desire it in their gyms.

If you go to a Planet Fitness and do a set of bench presses with dumbbells, be prepared to hear the lunk alert if you make noises that can be heard at the front desk or drop the weights. You should look it up on YouTube; there are a lot of humorous videos.

Planet Fitness workout
Planet Fitness workout

What is the “Lunk” alarm at planet fitness? Is it actually beneficial for the people trying to work out?

It’s usual to make noise while lifting weights (the odd weight falling, a grunt during a lift, or bashing the weights together), but it’s not allowed at this gym. The center defines a Lunk as someone who “grunts, drops weights, or judges,” and it has a Lunk Alarm to inform others. Planet Fitness‘ loud Lunk Alarm interrupts training. The alarm also notifies gym administrators.

When someone moans or drops weights, the club management will interfere. The management can sometimes turn off the alarm. While a person breathes too loudly, groans when lifting large weights, or drops weights too forcefully, the alarm will ring.

What is Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness (PFIP LLC) is a fitness facility franchisor and operator established in Hampton, New Hampshire. According to the firm, it has 2,039 clubs, making it one of the biggest health club franchisees in terms of members and locations.

There are franchises in the United States, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Mexico, and Australia. It bills itself as a “Judgement Free Zone” for new and casual gym goers, and has received both acclaim and criticism for its environment. It is said to be the fastest growing fitness center franchise in the country.

What is Planet Fitness?
What is Planet Fitness?

How often does the Lunk Alarm at Planet Fitness go off?

Lunk Alarm is someone who attracts attention, deliberately or not. When a management hears loud sounds, a siren will sound and the offender will be ejected. Planet Fitness is a newcomer-friendly gym, so grunting or the sound of large weights falling might terrify newcomers. There are several videos and complaints regarding how Planet Fitness handles lunks.


Why Is There a Lunk Alarm at Planet Fitness?

When your target audience is ordinary folks, you want them to feel at ease. Planet Fitness launched the Lunk Alarm in an effort to make most of their customers feel less scared.

While grunting or smashing weights will draw nasty glances, the Lunk Alarm will go off at their gym. To make the gym more welcoming to new gym-goers or amateurs, they aim to prohibit behaviors that make their customers feel uneasy.

What is common practice at conventional gyms is prohibited at Planet Fitness. The lunk alert is the gym’s response to attracting attention to the pain of others. Those who bring attention to themselves risk being ejected.

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How do users feel about Lunk Alarm at Planet Fitness?

I was the nighttime man at Planet Fitness, along with one other person. I honestly believe we utilized it once every six months for a legitimate purpose. We mostly used it to annoy our regular members with whom we had formed ties. We’d also use it to communicate, so if I was cleaning the bathrooms and he was up front and wanted me, he’d set it off and I’d walk up there. We also used it as an alarm clock while one of us was sleeping on the hydro massage bed. He once woke me up at 5:50 a.m., just before our replacement arrived, after I had slept the whole 8-hour shift away on the bed. Finally, it is seldom, if ever, set off for the intended purpose.

Michael Brian (Former Overnight Customer Service at Planet Fitness (company) (2017–2018))

Planet Fitness caters to folks with ordinary fitness levels as well as the odd gym-goer who just wants to be healthy.

As a result, the Lunk Alarm promotes a more neutral atmosphere in which individuals are not frightened by stronger weight lifters.

Planet Fitness’ Lunk Alarm works effectively to establish a “Judgement Free Zone,” with a target demographic of 80% of the clientele being light to moderate weight lifters.

However, for strong weight lifters, working out in the gym might result in expulsion at any time just by breathing forcefully.

How can one trip the lunk alarm at Planet Fitness?

The Lunk Alarm cannot be “tripped” by members. It must be activated by a member of the PF staff.

And this is only done on rare occasions. In my experience as a PF Fitness Trainer/Class Instructor.

I’ve seen the Lunk Alarm triggered maybe 4-5 times in over 3 years at three different gyms.

It is carried out when a member continues to participate in disruptive activity after being respectfully warned once or twice prior.

Gyms memberships other than Planet Fitness

Finding the ideal gym membership for your requirements is crucial to adhering to a training plan. Budget, requirements, and tastes determine the best gym subscriptions.

They provide workout courses at all levels, have professional trainers, appropriate hours, and safe, up-to-date strength and cardio equipment. Some gyms contain pools, saunas, spas, steam rooms, basketball courts, and indoor tracks. Here are the finest gym memberships and amenities to consider.

Find out with Learncookingus the list of good gyms like Planet Fitness

24-Hour Fitness

24-Hour Fitness features everything gym-goers love: It’s a 24-hour facility with abundant floor space and equipment, group fitness classes, personal instruction, and a workout app with exercise routines.

24-Hour Fitness facilities have varied levels and features. Active and Sport clubs have less amenities than Super-Sport and Ultra-Sport clubs. Free weights, weight machines, cardio equipment, floor equipment, locker rooms, towels, studio spaces, and saunas are available.

A 24-Hour Fitness membership costs $30 to $60 per month, placing it in the middle budget-wise. You receive fantastic features and services for the price.

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness provides a unique advantage that other commercial gyms—even 24-hour ones—don’t: your own key FOB to join the facility at any time, day or night. This travel-friendly feature (plus the 4,700 franchisees) makes Anytime Fitness a terrific gym membership choice for folks who travel for work or recreation.

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Anytime Fitness has barbells and racks, dumbbells, kettlebells, boxes, cardio equipment, weight machines, and yoga mats. Membership prices are less than commercial gym chains. Monthly costs average $36.

Anytime Fitness is a fast-growing business, which might cause franchise quality disparities. Your local Anytime Fitness may be clean and functioning, while another may not. Convenience and availability frequently cost this much.

Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory Fitness provides structure and isn’t based on the weight room. This studio gym uses HIIT and varies training. Orangetheory workouts include treadmill sprints, dumbbell squats, and kettlebell swings.

You’ll receive strength training and cardiovascular conditioning in a planned one-hour exercise supervised by trained fitness experts. It’s excellent for folks who don’t want to think about what they’re doing, but yet want a professionally developed fitness program.

Basic membership includes four courses per month, Elite membership includes eight classes per month, and Premium membership includes unlimited lessons per month. Prices vary with club and signup specials.

Crunch Fitness

Crunch Fitness’s offerings differ by location. Crunch Fitness is known for its entertaining, effective group workouts. Los Angeles’ Crunch Fitness provides more than 20 courses every week.

Crunch Fitness near you likely offers yoga, HIIT, muscle-sculpting, TRX training, pilates, and other classes. If a group class isn’t your style, you may use aerobic equipment, free weights, and weight machines.

Crunch Fitness provides three membership options: $85 per month for one club, $99 for two, and $140 for all 345 U.S. facilities.

Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym has approximately 700 sites nationwide, however most are in California. The first Gold’s Gym was established across from Muscle Beach in Venice, California.

Gold’s is a commercial gym brand noted for heavy lifting and muscular growth. Most Gold’s Gyms include squat racks, barbells, dumbbells, and weight machines.

Gold’s Gym locations include lockers, showers, saunas, steam rooms, lap pools, personal training, and group exercise programs. Location-specific membership terms and fees start at $19.95 per month.


If you like finer things, you’ll feel at home at one of the 100+ Equinox locations in the U.S. Equinox is noted for its high-end facilities, superior equipment, contemporary interior architecture, and stylish branding – and its pricey monthly membership.

You’ll receive cool eucalyptus towels, a full-service spa, a lifestyle store, endless group courses, steam rooms, and saunas for over $200 each month. A subscription includes rooftop exercise sessions on One World Observatory and cookery lessons with notable chefs.

More clubs and facilities mean higher Equinox membership prices. This is more than a gym membership; it’s excellent for individuals who seek a lifestyle integration.

LA Fitness

LA Fitness is another commercial club that caters to bodybuilders and muscle-builders. The floor layout features a wide variety of weight equipment that may target each muscle from any angle. LA Fitness offers lying, sitting, and standing hamstring curls.

LA Fitness facilities include barbells and dumbbells, but functional training space is mainly designated for personal trainers and their customers.

LA Workout features abundant group fitness options, personal training, and most facilities have an entire floor devoted to cardio equipment. LA Fitness is a well-rounded gym franchise including lap pools and saunas.

  What is the difference between a pub and a bar?

Memberships start at $19.99 per month, but vary by state and with multi-club or multi-state access.

Videos Related to Planet Fitness

Drop a pen at Planet Fitness (Lunk Alarm)

History of formation and development of Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness was formed in 1992 in Dover, New Hampshire. Initially, it functioned similarly to every other gym in its tiny community, catering to the same small fraction of the US population who worked out and joined to a health club.

The proprietors of PF immediately realized the chance to reach a substantially bigger part of the population. “Why don’t 80-85% of the populace belong to a gym?” they wondered. What is the solution? First-time and casual gym customers disliked the “look at me” attitudes and behaviors observed at regular gyms, and they did not want to pay a high price to try exercise.

As a result, they dramatically altered the gym atmosphere, both in terms of attitude and structure, resulting in the non-intimidating, low-cost model that has transformed the gym sector. Planet Fitness became renowned as the “Judgement Free Zone®,” a warm and inclusive environment where individuals of all fitness levels could feel at ease.

By number of members and locations, Planet Fitness has grown to become one of the biggest and fastest-growing franchisors and operators of fitness centers in the United States. Planet Workout has expanded its unique aim of enriching people’s lives by delivering an affordable, high-quality fitness experience in a friendly, non-intimidating setting to over 2,300 facilities in 50 states, Canada, Australia, and Latin America.


How flexible are your working hours at Planet Fitness?

  • They are not particularly adaptable. A typical day consists of four or five separate shifts that are established in stone.
  • My boss was not at all flexible, and he frequently tried to modify my hours and couldn’t recall the schedule he given me.

How many hours per week does a full-time trainer work at Planet Fitness?

The trainer, to the best of my knowledge, worked 40 hours each week.

How many times can a Planet Fitness member bring a visitor in for free?

As many times as you want if you have a black card. You are not permitted to invite a visitor if you have a regular membership. If you were a frequent member and stated, “My buddy here wants to test out the facility,” I’m sure they’d let them work out. They provided me a free week before I had to decide whether or not to commit.

Can you squat at Planet Fitness?

Yes, as long as you don’t intend to do genuine barbell back squats with considerable weight.

You may be able to get the pipsqueak fixed-weight barbells onto your back (if they have them) up to whatever you can clean and press to get over your head, depending on how broad your shoulders are.

Have fun with goblet squats and dumbbell squats; I don’t believe people do them with dumbbells larger than what PF typically has.

You might also use the Smith machine. Remember to keep your feet ahead of the bar route while squatting. You’ll be battling the machine if you attempt a conventional squat position.


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