Pull-out bathroom faucet

I still remember being a kid and watching my mom lean over the kitchen sink to wash her hair. She used the kitchen sink because it had a sprayer on it.

Then along came kitchen faucets with extendable heads. Mom would like one like that. Now Price Pfister has added the same convenience to bathroom fixtures. The new Catalina Lavatory Pull-Out fixture ($98) makes it easier to wash your hair, fill deep containers or just plain clean the bathroom sink. The hose is weighted, so getting it to retract into the faucet is easy. The neck of the fixture pivots left and right, so you can push it out of the way. And with a twist, the head switches from a stream to a shower. The faucet will fit on any 4-in. center-set sink.

The Catalina faucet comes in polished chrome ($178) and brushed nickel ($246) and is available at home centers and from online retailers. You can also order one by phone.

Premium faucet brand Brizo was a new fixture at this year’s Fashion Week in New York. Literally. The fashionable products, crafted by Delta Faucet, Indianapolis, were partnered with up-and-comer Jason Wu, who showcased his spring/ summer ’07 collection last month in the Atelier at Bryant Park tents.


Among his designs was a one-of-a-kind evening gown created for Brizo that will be auctioned later this year in an effort to raise money for Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS.

Wu also will create three women’s outfits for a Brizo ad campaign, via Young & Laramore, Indianapolis, which highlights the beauty of faucets through women’s fashion designs. The young designer also will make a series of public appearances on behalf of the brand over the coming year.

Brizo takes its name and inspiration from a Greek goddess known as an enchantress and a soother who served as a guide for mariners in ancient times. When asked a question, she would answer in the form of a dream. Hence the brand’s tagline: “Open your eyes and dream.”

“Fashion to me is not just about clothes but a full lifestyle,” said Wu. “The Jason Wu woman is interested in architecture, art, technology and culture, in addition to fashion.” Now that’s quite a turn-on.

Program: Brizo/Jason Wu partnership

Marketer: Delta Faucet, Indianapolis

Agency: Young & Laramore, Indianapolis

Key players: Delta: Amy Hillsman, sr brand mgr; Y&L: Carolyn Hadlock, principal/creative dir; Trevor Willliams, acd/art dir; Uriaha Foust, art dir; Jason Wu, dress design

O’Loughlin, Sandra

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