Just take a professional cooking class and spend a small amount of money, you can start a business with food online and earn huge profits.

In the era of information technology today, online business is no longer a strange thing, giving the opportunity to enrich people in different areas, most notably the fashion items, cosmetics and especially food service. Grasping the demand of dining in the crowded diners with the acumen and knowledge of the internet, many young people have attended delicious cooking classes and successful online business. This tendency has not shown signs of cooling down but is “hotter” than ever before; From there, learning how to cook online business becomes a new job, ideal for young people who are dynamic.

The advantages of online food business

Eating is an essential human need, not only to bring joy to the soul, but also to provide energy to sustain life. However, in modern life, people are engaged in work, study, family, children … not much time for the kitchen; So many people choose to buy food online.


The types of food available today are varied from snacks such as milk tea, tea, plan biscuits, pickles, chicken leg … to everyday dishes such as rice, hot pot, roasted chicken, crab roasted me …. Diners only need to choose the menu available and leave the address will be delivered to the home delivery company or company, the school at a reasonable price. With these advantages, the form of buying food online is increasingly popular, bringing a large amount of potential customers.

When you trade food online, you will not have to pay for space, hire staff, purchase equipment and other expenses. With just a few hundred thousand to several million dong, you can buy home-made ingredients or cook and sell online. The work to earn interest, though a bit hard, but free time, comfortable, do not cost much as open shop should earn more profits.

Mr. Tram Anh, final year student. HCMC culture said: “I am in the last year, the time is mainly at home to do the thesis should want to earn more business. I find the chicken soup is very delicious, many people should have learned to cook this dish to sell. At first I posted on facebook and sell mainly to acquaintances but now many people know and buy, I have to ask my mother and sister to work new time to sell. On average one day I sell about 15 – 20 children, excluding the cost about 2 – 2.5 million.

Mr. Hoang Phuc – The Anh, a snack bar owner on Hoang Dieu 2, Thu Duc District said: “Two of us are close friends, after graduation have the intention to do business together to learn cooking and selling online. We created a snack page and updated the food image; The best selling is milk tea, fried chicken, chicken legs are soaked lemongrass and beef ribs. At first it was difficult, but perhaps due to good food and reasonable price, so more and more crowded, shipper delivery all day is still not timely. When we have the capital, we decided to open this shop to serve on the spot and still sell online. Each month, except for all our expenses, about VND55 – 70 million. “

Tram Anh, Hoang Phuc and The Anh are just three of the many young people who have been doing online food business successfully. Besides the sensitivity to information technology and the internet, the secret is to create delicious, quality food at reasonable prices. To do that, cooking classes are essential to cooking good food and understanding of effective business secrets.

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Where to study cooking to do business online?

Are you a dynamic young person who wants to learn cooking to do business online? Are you looking for a reputable cookbook but do not know how to choose? Then come to the Asia-Europe Career (HNAAu) to make your plan right.


HNAAu is the leading training kitchen in Vietnam today, invested in the construction of modern facilities in accordance with European standards; Offers professional chef courses to short courses, special classes, open classes … to meet the learning needs of all subjects.

To learn how to cook an online business, you can take part in a thematic class or learn to cook. You will be the culinary experts, chefs famous direct instructions and impart skills, experience; At the same time practice on the spot to improve workmanship. Not only learn to cook good food, you are also advised useful information, unique know-how to do business effectively. The classes are designed with flexible time, reasonable tuition, suitable for many students.

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